Brandon Parrott

  High School Athletic Director

Welcome to the SACS Athletic Department.  Athletics are an important part of our campus life.  The Lions are committed to playing in a way that honors God – with intensity, passion and sportsmanship that represents Christ.

Character and Commitment

It has been said, "Athletic events do not build character…they reveal character."  This is not entirely true.  Certainly the "heat of battle" created by athletic competition allows character to be tested and revealed. Yet for every moment spent in front of the fans, there are countless hours spent in preparation, where there are no encouraging cheerleaders, just demanding coaches; no band filling the air with music, just the sounds of hard work; no shiny game uniforms, just sweaty practice gear. This is where character is developed. 

At San Antonio Christian we are committed to an athletic program that first and foremost teaches Christian character.  Character that not only shows itself worthy of Christ when tested in competition, but character that shows itself worthy of Christ when tested in life.

Competitive athletics by nature create an environment that is physically, emotionally and personally demanding. Our prayer is that all of our student-athletes learn the following from their athletic involvement at SACS: 

  • God defines success and failure differently than the world.
  • Success is achieved with an unwavering commitment to Godly character.
  • Attitude impacts success in all aspects of life.
  • A godly life requires accountability and responsibility.
  • A godly life requires selflessness.
  • God is ultimately in control.
  • Little in life is accomplished without perseverance.

We look forward to your support of San Antonio Christian Schools athletics.

Brandon Parrott
Athletic Director


San Antonio Christian Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race,

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